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The International Meeting for Conservation & Documentation of Ecclesiastical Artefacts (IMCDEA) started in 2014, is a meeting convening scholars from specific fields (conservation, archaeology, history of art, science in conservation, archives, theology etc) and young researchers.

Historians and researchers argue that our obsession with materialism can actually destroy our communities. However, the conservation of the ecclesiastical artefacts in not just a preservation of materials but an interim theological dialogue between faith and people.

The main scope of this meeting is to promote and discuss recent developments in the dialogue between the preservation and documentation of the Eastern and Western ecclesiastical art covering various areas from the construction and documentation over the identification of the materials, the preventive and interventive conservation methods, new methods and ideas for the preservation of one item or an internal collection.

- The 1st Meeting was held in Halki Theological School (Turkey) (July 2014).POSTER 1st MEETING-2014.JPG (3459642)

- The 2nd Meeting was held at the TEI of Ionian Island (Zakynthos) with the collaboration of Halki Theological School. 

14th-15th December 2016. POSTER 2nd IMCDEA.jpg (1,8 MB)


-The place for the 3rd Meeting will be announced as soon as possible. 


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